Personal Care: France 2014

August 21, 2014

Key Findings Site E-Commerce

  • As consumers move down the purchase funnel on French CPG sites, the user experience deteriorates. Brands have widely adopted filters (69 percent of sites). However, only six percent of brands allow consumers to sort by best seller/ most popular.
  • Despite the growth of supermarkets' “Drive” format, of the 36 percent of French Personal Care Index brands that link to e-Tailers from their site, 88 percent link to Amazon, while 44 percent link to a supermarket. Only 19 percent of French Index brands linked to multiple e-tailers, compared to 38 percent of U.K.

Key Findings Digital Marketing

  • In Personal Care, e-tailers are ahead of brands in paid search, buying against brands’ own brand terms, and investing in more sophisticated features, such as Product Listing Ads (PLA’s). More than half (53 percent) of Index brands are not making basic brand term investments in paid search.
  • Brands are also not making it easy for consumers to sign up for email. On average, sign-up requires eight inputs to create an account. At the high end, Kérastase features 17 requires inputs.

Key Findings Social Media

  • A third of Personal Care brands in France have no French-specific social media presence. Facebook remains the preferred platform for investment, followed by YouTube with 54 percent. Investments in emerging platforms such as Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest are often just placeholders with limited programming.
  • French Personal Care brands average about 200,000 fans on Facebook, compared to 1.6 million for Beauty brands in France. However, as the Facebook algorithm changes, the platform becomes less about collecting fans and followers.

Key Findings Mobile

  • As mobile adoption accelerates, French Personal Care brands need to catch up. Only 40 percent have developed a mobile or responsive site, compared to almost half of French Beauty brands. Some of the top desktop sites do not perform on mobile.

About the Report

Though less than a quarter of French consumers bought CPG or food products via e-commerce in France during 2013, the sector shows momentum. Online sales of CPG products in France grew 8% in the first quarter of 2014. Supermarkets are vying with to claim the French consumers' first online basket for grocery and personal care. Digital acumen will determine which Personal Care brands reach that basket. The Digital IQ Index®: Personal Care France quantifies the digital competence of 64 Personal Care brands, including numerous L'Oreal brands.

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